Windows 10 & Office 365 Cannot Connect Over OpenVPN – Fixed!

Today I finally solved a technical problem I have had for years and never been able to find a solution for. I first noticed this issue when I began using OpenVPN. I soon discovered that while an OpenVPN connection Read more

Facebook Marketing Done Wring

How Not to Do Facebook Marketing

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B2B Social Marketing

The Greatest Mistake You Can Make with B2B Social Updates

The inspiration for this post comes from a client I do some work for from time to time. They are absolutely convinced that they need to be constantly putting out social updates via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Nothing inherently Read more


Content Marketing: The Risk of Losing Focus

It’s been a while, well several years actually, since I last updated this blog of mine. But today, I have a little time to kill, so figured I would post my first update since 2012! What triggered this event? Read more

The Relationship between Content and Bounce Rate

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The Right Rate: How to Calculate Your Pricing

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Google AuthorRank: The New Face of SEO?

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Freelancing Sites: My Personal Opinions

Have you been struggling to decide which of the main freelancing sites to commit to? Or perhaps you are looking to try out a fresh site? Well read on, as below I give my findings on the top four Read more

When Content Meets Copy

If you want to learn how to make sure that site visitors read to the bottom of a page before clicking away, or how to ensure that they actually see that Facebook like button at the end of your Read more