The Relationship between Content and Bounce Rate

If you are working as a content writer, then you need to understand what bounce rate is, and what you can do to improve it. In this short blog post I take a look at this important visitor behavior metric, and come up with some ideas to improve it. What is Bounce Rate? Bounce rate Read more about The Relationship between Content and Bounce Rate[…]

Content Writing Standards Revisted

Yesterday, whilst talking with another writer who is a friend of mine, the conversation turned to how quite often clients fail to give a proper brief. This is not usually a problem, until there is some form of dispute over the completed work. I explained that some years ago, I had sat down with my Read more about Content Writing Standards Revisted[…]

Engagement Empowers: The Key to Social Entanglement

A decade ago, we could get away with the kind of page content which dumped the facts, hit the reader with a hard sell, and then disengaged. Fast forward to 2012, and this is no longer an effective way to use valuable page real estate. We need to attempt to encourage site visitors to take Read more about Engagement Empowers: The Key to Social Entanglement[…]

The Pyramid Approach to Fact Packed Content

Have you ever hit a situation where that 400 word article you are writing just doesn’t give you enough room to get your point across? Well, today I would like to share a writing tip which can help with this. The technique I am going to describe has three very distinct benefits. Firstly, it ensures Read more about The Pyramid Approach to Fact Packed Content[…]

Crafting Compelling Content

As a website content author, I often find it hard to achieve a balance between being concise, and being overly verbose. I naturally lean toward the latter, as this sentence clearly demonstrates! However, I make no excuse for this. The difference between an engaging page, and a boring page, is often how the words are Read more about Crafting Compelling Content[…]

The Anatomy of a Press Release

Anyone who is currently working as a content writer will know that one of the hot services right now is press release creation. Unfortunately, a very high proportion of clients, and indeed, writers themselves, do not understand how a press release differs from a news post, and how it needs to be formatted. A press Read more about The Anatomy of a Press Release[…]