Time for a Site Refresh!

It’s been a very long time since I updated this website. Kinda strange considering I work as a freelance content developer, creating site content for other people. Then again, maybe it isn’t so strange. It’s tough to become motivated to do something in your free time, that you spend all day doing as a job of work.

Anyway, I was thinking today, I really should do something with this site. I used to blog a lot a few years back, I just stopped doing it for some reason. I’ve tried using the site as a work related blog, and that just didn’t work out.

Back when I was updating this blog regularly, I was posting about a pretty eclectic range of things, including what was going on in my life, and other less work related content.

So I think I am going to try and get back to doing that,… Continue reading

The Relationship between Content and Bounce Rate

If you are working as a content writer, then you need to understand what bounce rate is, and what you can do to improve it. In this short blog post I take a look at this important visitor behavior metric, and come up with some ideas to improve it.

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is a visitor metric, expressed as a percentage, which tells website owners how many of their visitors arrive and leave from the same page. For example, if a visitor were to arrive at this site and read this page, and then leave, they will have bounced.

A high bounce rate tells a webmaster that their page content is not engaging the visitor, making them want to read more of the site. In a perfect world, every site visitor would read every page of a website. In reality this is not going to happen, but we… Continue reading

The Right Rate: How to Calculate Your Pricing

The difference between having a successful career as a content writer, and failing miserably, can often be down to something as simple as charging the wrong rate for your services. If you are struggling to work out the right rate to charge clients, I am going to try and help out, and explain how I arrived at my rate in this blog post.

Back in 2006, when I first got into content writing as a full-time job, I made a pretty big mistake. For the first couple of months I went into overdrive, writing upwards of 10,000 words a day. The rate I charged was too low, and within six months I was burned out. You simply cannot write 10k words a day, every day, continuously. This was when I realized I had to take a step back, and approach things differently.

How I Calculated My Rate

I sat down… Continue reading

Google AuthorRank: The New Face of SEO?

If you are a website content writer, then you need to know that Google has empowered you with a new tool. If you are a website owner, then you need to know that who writes your content will soon have a major impact on SERP. In this blog post I cover why Google AuthorRank is of value to both content writers and webmasters alike.

What is Google AuthorRank?

AuthorRank is a system for forging a connection between content authors and their content. Whenever an author that is recognized by Google publishes content, a link is made between the page and the author, using the author’s Google+ profile.

If a page which is connected to a recognized content author is returned in a search listing, something interesting happens. Take a look at the screenshot below:

Notice that the top result in this image has a picture next to it; this is… Continue reading

Freelancing Sites: My Personal Opinions

Have you been struggling to decide which of the main freelancing sites to commit to? Or perhaps you are looking to try out a fresh site? Well read on, as below I give my findings on the top four freelancing sites. I will cover Elance, PeoplePerHour, oDesk and Freelancer.com. These are my own opinions, based on spending considerable time trying these sites out. Others may have entirely different opinions.


I got my start at Freelancer.com way back when it was still called GetAFreelancer. I completed around 100 projects before things took a turn for the worse. Rates started dropping and low paying project buyers became prolific. Recently Freelancer.com merged with ScriptLance, which was the king of low pay freelance sites, and things have gone further downhill. However, from time to time I do pull a nice project out of Freelancer.com, so I still keep an eye on it. The… Continue reading

When Content Meets Copy

If you want to learn how to make sure that site visitors read to the bottom of a page before clicking away, or how to ensure that they actually see that Facebook like button at the end of your article, then read on. I will explain how copywriting techniques can be used by website content writers to capture the attention of website visitors.

Before I go any further, I want to get something off my chest. This something is the frequent misuse of the word copywriter. So just for the record, let me state right here that a copywriter does not write articles, blog post, or any other type of content designed to simply fill up a web page. A copywriter does one thing; they write text which is intended to sell a product or service. This can be the words on a web page, in a magazine or newspaper… Continue reading


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