The Anatomy of a Press Release

Anyone who is currently working as a content writer will know that one of the hot services right now is press release creation. Unfortunately, a very high proportion of clients, and indeed, writers themselves, do not understand how a press release differs from a news post, and how it needs to be formatted. A press Read more about The Anatomy of a Press Release[…]

Google is Judging the Quality of Website Content

Google now employs a team of people to manually check the quality of website content. Website owners need to be aware of the fact that the quality of their page content will now directly affect SERP. Pages are checked for how well they are written, and how engaging and valuable they are for the visitors who read them. Publishing badly written content will now adversely affect site rankings, and reduce the volume of website traffic gained via Google. Stop buying junk content now, and invest in quality to ensure your site is not penalized.

Setting Up a Minimalist Microsoft Word Environment

Following on from the blog post last week, explaining just why I had ditched Google Docs and gone back to using Microsoft Word, I thought I would follow up with a post which describes how I configure word for a minimalist working environment. One thing I loved about Google Docs was the clutter free writing Read more about Setting Up a Minimalist Microsoft Word Environment[…]