Engagement Empowers: The Key to Social Entanglement

A decade ago, we could get away with the kind of page content which dumped the facts, hit the reader with a hard sell, and then disengaged. Fast forward to 2012, and this is no longer an effective way to use valuable page real estate. We need to attempt to encourage site visitors to take Read more about Engagement Empowers: The Key to Social Entanglement[…]

Forget SEO & SEM: Recruit a Content Evangelist

The writing has been on the wall for quite some time, SEO is dieing, and Social Marketing is sure to follow suit. Google has taken fairly extreme measures to rid its search engine of the effects of manipulation using certain SEO techniques. Starting with the Panda update, and moving through Penguin, the instigation of the Read more about Forget SEO & SEM: Recruit a Content Evangelist[…]

Google Webmaster Guidelines: A Writer’s Perspective

A few days ago, Google updated its Webmaster Guidelines. Every time Google does this, I always check out the changes, to see if there is anything new which affects my role as a content writer. The section I always take note of is the quality guidelines. This has changed a little lately, so I thought Read more about Google Webmaster Guidelines: A Writer’s Perspective[…]

The Pyramid Approach to Fact Packed Content

Have you ever hit a situation where that 400 word article you are writing just doesn’t give you enough room to get your point across? Well, today I would like to share a writing tip which can help with this. The technique I am going to describe has three very distinct benefits. Firstly, it ensures Read more about The Pyramid Approach to Fact Packed Content[…]

Why I am Saying Goodbye to Google Drive

I really wanted to fall in love with Google Drive; it would have renewed my flagging interest in all things cloud. It had the potential to be my killer app of the year, finally unifying my online life in a single, feature rich environment. Google Drive should have given me a single repository for music, Read more about Why I am Saying Goodbye to Google Drive[…]

Crafting Compelling Content

As a website content author, I often find it hard to achieve a balance between being concise, and being overly verbose. I naturally lean toward the latter, as this sentence clearly demonstrates! However, I make no excuse for this. The difference between an engaging page, and a boring page, is often how the words are Read more about Crafting Compelling Content[…]

The Anatomy of a Press Release

Anyone who is currently working as a content writer will know that one of the hot services right now is press release creation. Unfortunately, a very high proportion of clients, and indeed, writers themselves, do not understand how a press release differs from a news post, and how it needs to be formatted. A press Read more about The Anatomy of a Press Release[…]

Google is Judging the Quality of Website Content

Google now employs a team of people to manually check the quality of website content. Website owners need to be aware of the fact that the quality of their page content will now directly affect SERP. Pages are checked for how well they are written, and how engaging and valuable they are for the visitors who read them. Publishing badly written content will now adversely affect site rankings, and reduce the volume of website traffic gained via Google. Stop buying junk content now, and invest in quality to ensure your site is not penalized.